CBI: Rhian Kelly
About the CBI

Rhian Kelly Director for business environment

Rhian Kelly leads the CBI's work on climate change, energy, transport, planning, environment and construction.

Appointed Director for Business Environment in 2011, Rhian spearheads the CBI's campaign to boost investment in the UK's infrastructure, grow the low-carbon economy and ensure the resilience of the construction industry.

After joining the CBI in 2006, Rhian delivered the CBI's ground breaking report on climate change in 2007, which helped shift the perception of the role business can play in moving to a low-carbon economy. Rhian became head of Climate Change in 2008.

Prior to joining the CBI, Rhian studied politics, social and economic history at Edinburgh University. She spent a year in Taipei, Taiwan before moving to Beijing for five years where she worked at the European Union Chamber of Commerce, providing a bridge between Europe and the Chinese government.


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