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CBI Northern Ireland Committees

Experts who advise the Northern Ireland business sector on specific issues

Economic Committee

Chair: David Gavaghan, Chief Executive, Titanic Quarter Ltd

The committee's goal is to rebalance our economy and nurture the growth of our private sector. This includes:

  • Delivering the goal of a lower corporation tax rate for Northern Ireland
  • Stimulating the supply and demand of suitable business finance
  • Encouraging an export-led economy with strong links to global markets

Mike MullanEmployment and Skills Committee

Chair: Mike Mullan, group HR and business improvement director, Moy Park Ltd

This committe's aim is to help build a world class workforce by:

  • Aligning the education and skills system with the future needs of our economy
  • Removing barriers to employing people
  • Ensuring that working pays more than not working

Michael Wightman_163Improving Infrastructure Committee

Chair: Michael Wightman, Managing Director, Cubis Industries

This committe seeks Investment in world-class infrastructure for Northern Ireland by:

  • Identifying and supporting the key pieces of economic infrastructure needed to support Northern Ireland’s competitiveness
  • Pushing for greater use of alternative finance models to ensure steady investment levels
  • Helping to remove bottlenecks to delivery in areas such as procurement and planning

Jackie HenryPublic Services Reform Committee

Chair: Jackie Henry, consulting partner, Deloitte LLP

This committee's goal is to transforming public services in Northern Ireland by:

  • Creating a leaner, more effective public sector
  • Use competition to ensure services are high quality and value-for-money 
  • Re-engineer service design to meet the needs of the future

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