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Chairman's message

Ute Bockstegers, CFO/Head of Country Platform – Bayer UK/Ireland Region and CBI South East regional chair

 Ute Bockstegers

With the next UK general election under six months away, business is entering an increasingly politicised period in all parts of the UK. The 2015 election campaign will be tightly-fought and business is likely to come under pressure on ‘responsible capitalism’, transparency, tax, and reputation issues.

Whatever the outcome, the post-election period will undoubtedly be one of high political activity, with policies being formed and put in place from day one.

This year the CBI will be on the front foot, influencing business through a policy plan that secures pro-growth reforms from governments in Westminster regardless of political colour.

This plan will enable us to utilise the political context, coupled with the CBI core strengths, to ensure the South East remains a vibrant domestic economy and one which retains and continues to attract overseas companies.

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