A strategy to deliver for our members

Over the first half of 2016 we undertook a strategic review to establish our goals and priorities over a five-year plan period. The outcomes of this included:

  • Clarifying our purpose as "we help business create a more prosperous society", and defining our mission around the five pillars of our Prosperity Agenda. This was in response to member feedback to stay focused on the issues that matter most in the long-run
  • Agreeing a growth plan based around increasing our market penetration in key sectors of the economy, building our presence in the FTSE350 and delivering new services to our members
  • Adapting the organisation to this strategy, with our policy teams aligned to our Prosperity Agenda, a greater sector focus and a more consistent roll-out of our offer around the UK.

We believe our strategy builds on the CBI's core strengths and will allow us to significantly increase the reach and impact of our work by the end of 2020. There are three reasons to believe the CBI is uniquely well-placed to grow:

  • Unrivalled convening power within the world of business and politics;
  • The power to solve problems and offer evidence based solutions;
  • Unique access to government at local, national and global level.
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Our strategic priorities

Members first

We put members at the heart of everything we do and ensure that we are consistently challenging our offer to meet their needs. We ensure that we are influencing the issues that matter to businesss, offering the most relevant and up-to-date economic, political and business insight, and continue to provide unrivalled access to regional, national and international networks with top business and government contacts.

Focus and impact

Building on our renewed focus of putting members at the heart of everything we do, we work hard to ensure that our Prosperity Agenda truly reflects the needs of businesses in the UK. To operate with the most impact, we dedicate our resources to the key policy and business issues impacting our members and continue to strive to offer innovative, fresh suggestions to government.

Growing CBI

We will continue to operate commercially to reach new sizes of companies, in new markets and sectors and in 2016 we begun to experiment with offering new member services.

Great teams

We work together with purpose, clarity and collaboration across teams. By demonstrating our corporate behaviours we will be best placed to deliver our strategic priorities of putting members first and operating with focus and impact in order to grow the CBI.

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