Diversity at the CBI

We have a commitment to become more diverse in who we speak for and as an employer. Initially our target was to reach 30% female participation in our member activities by the end of 2016. In gender diversity, we achieved:

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We feel that it is important for us to take action as well as have good intentions. Many of the companies and business leaders that we represent and work with want us to help them do the same; they want us to be a facilitator, connector and intelligence resource for UK businesses. We will continue to do this through both our work related to diversity and inclusion policy developments and working hard towards introducing a more diverse representation of business leaders into the CBI network and at our events.

From 2017 we are increasing our target to 33% female representation on our Councils, Committees and at events. In addition, we will now apply the learnings over the last 3 years spent improving our gender diversity and inclusion for our staff and to other groups of businesses and individuals. Our objective is to be a champion of diversity in UK business and increase the range of faces and voices in all parts of the CBI: our people, our members, our events, our audiences.

From September 2016 to February 2017 28% of new recruits of staff to the CBI came from BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds.

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