Annual Report and Accounts 2016

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The CBI Annual Report for the period to 31 December 2016 has been produced in accordance with the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code. It has been published in five parts and aims to give a clear and concise overview of CBI's performance and priorities.

The first tab contains the CBI President's Foreword by Paul Drechsler CBE and that of our new Director-general Carolyn Fairbairn.

The second section, About the CBI, outlines the CBI's purpose and mission and details how we operate. This section also includes highlights from the year and key achievements across our UK and international offices.

The third section contains our Financial & Operational Review, including the Independent Auditor's Report for 2016 and the Letter of Responsibility in relation to the accounts, signed by the executive members of the CBI Board.

The fourth part details the CBI's corporate governance practices and obligations under The Code. The final tab sets out the CBI Accounts and relevant notes for 2016.

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