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The Government renegotiated the UK's arrangement with the European Union ahead of the upcoming EU referendum. This was finalised by the Prime Minister at the meeting of the European Council on 19 February 2016.

A Business Assessment of EU Reforms

By negotiating a ‘special status’ for the UK within the European Union, the Prime Minister has achieved a number of concrete reforms which will, if implemented, make the EU work better for British businesses. Coupled with the added impetus the renegotiation process has given to reforms already underway in Brussels, the CBI considers that, overall, business can be pleased with the deal.


European business leaders back Prime Minister's drive for competitive EU

21 European business federations - who together speak on behalf of over 2.5 million businesses, employing more than 50 million people - published a joint letter backing reforms that will make the EU more competitive and outward-looking to deliver jobs, security and prosperity across Europe.