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  • Podcast Brexit & EU negotiations

    Podcast: Political update

    04 May 2018 - 

    It's been a busy week with local elections across the country and a personnel change in the cabinet. For a roundup of the week’s events in Westminster and nationwide, tune in to the latest political update podcast as our host, Joe Marshall, hears from Pete McManus of the CBI’s Campaigns team.

  • Insight Brexit & EU negotiations

    What are industry trade associations saying about EU rules and regulations?

    11 April 2018 - 

    As part of its six-month long evidence gathering efforts, the CBI spoke with dozens of trade associations to get their views on the future of the rules that will govern the UK economy. The CBI would like to thank all those who contributed to its new report, Smooth operations, and has published a selection of the trade associations’ responses to our new report below:

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Smooth operations

    11 April 2018 - 

    An A-Z of the EU rules that matter for the economy

  • Podcast Brexit & EU negotiations

    Podcast: Political update

    27 March 2018 - 

    With the government striking a transition deal in the Brexit negotiations, we hear from Polly Haydn-Jones and Pete McManus from the CBI campaigns team to get the low-down on what the deal means for business, and any resulting political fallout.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    The business view on the European Council (March 2018)

    26 March 2018 - 

    Read what happened on the 23rd March when the EU27 rubberstamped the agreed legal framework for transition in the Withdrawal Agreement reached between the UK and EU negotiators earlier that week, and adopted guidelines on the framework for the future UK-EU relationship.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    5 steps to protect services post-Brexit

    08 March 2018 - 

    The UK services sector is a great British success story. This paper sets out the 5 steps for negotiators to protect services trade through Brexit.

  • Insight Brexit & EU negotiations

    Business view of Prime Minister's Mansion House speech

    02 March 2018 - 

    Analysis of the Prime Minister's Brexit speech on 2nd March 2018. 

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Customs union: The facts

    06 February 2018 - 

    Everything you need to know about a customs union and the tough choices that lie ahead

  • Survey Brexit & EU negotiations

    Survey: How businesses are preparing for Brexit

    30 January 2018 - 

    We surveyed over 300 businesses, and spoke with many more, to understand how firms are preparing for Brexit.

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