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  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Choosing our future

    21 October 2015 - 

    Read the business views on the European Union, laying out what the benefits are, what reforms business wants, and how the alternatives to full EU membership shape up

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    The business vision for a Capital Markets Union in Europe

    06 July 2015 - 

    How this European Commission initiative can enable businesses to connect to capital markets, helping them achieve their growth ambitions and create jobs.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Five reasons not to believe everything you hear about TTIP

    01 June 2015 - 

    Five myths busted about the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

  • Insight Brexit & EU negotiations

    European business leaders back Prime Minister's drive for competitive EU

    18 February 2015 - 

    Read the letter from 21 European business federations - together speaking on behalf of over 2.5 million businesses and employing more than 50 million people - backing EU reform.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    The business vision for a digital single market in Europe

    02 February 2015 - 

    How the European Commission's digital strategy can unlock growth, job creation and business innovation.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    A new era for transatlantic trade

    03 March 2014 - 

    Five top reasons - and 20 real life business examples - showing how TTIP will benefit UK businesses, employees and consumers.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Our global future

    07 November 2013 - 

    Read the results of our comprehensive business consultation on the UK’s European Union membership

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Doing things by halves?

    03 June 2013 - 

    Read our 2013 assessment of the alternatives to full EU membership

  • Podcast Brexit & EU negotiations

    Podcast series: Brexit explained

    What is the Customs Union? What is the Single Market? What exactly does a “no deal scenario” mean? Brexit is a complicated issue, and these are just some of the questions we seek to answer with our podcast series Brexit Explained.

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