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Growth Indicator Survey

The CBI composite survey indicator or Growth Indicator was launched in January 2014 and brings together CBI surveys of economic activity into an aggregate index

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The indicator blends our survey results for output volumes as reported on a monthly basis for the following CBI surveys (covering approximately three quarters of the private sector economy):

• Industrial Trends Survey
• Distributive Trades Survey
• Service Sector Survey

The indicator results are reported in a similar way to other CBI surveys using the ‘balance’ statistic—the difference between the percentage of respondents replying ‘up’ minus the percentage replying ‘down’. The ‘balance’ provides a simplified method of interpreting the results and over a period of time, the trend in the balance gives a good indication of the trend in the economic indicator.

The timeliness and frequency of the CBI’s business surveys means that the CBI’s Growth Indicator gives an early perspective on the pace of economic growth. 


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