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There is a lot of information and guidance out there for any company interested in learning more about reducing its carbon footprint. We have assembled the most important here so you have links in one easy-to-find location.

We have broken this section up into the same process the toolkit follows-measure, manage, reduce and extend.


The Government's official guidance on measurement and reporting of emissions is provided by Defra. You can view their information on measuring and reporting by businesses in general here and view their guide specifically for small businesses here. A more detailed guide to carbon footprinting-applicable to any size of business - can be downloaded from the Carbon Trust site here.

If you want to calculate your carbon footprint, the Carbon Trust Calculator is suitable for businesses with more detailed information to hand on energy use, and the Act On CO2 calculator is appropriate for smaller companies who may not have as much of this information available.


IBM and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) recently produced a useful guide to carbon management systems in companies. It is available here.


BusinessLink has a dedicated part of its website for companies seeking information on emission reductions. It can be seen here.

The Carbon Trust also has a range of advice for reducing carbon emissions sorted by category of reduction strategy and the nature of the sector you are in. You can use this resource by visiting here. It also provides interest-free loans for companies to upgrade to new energy efficient equipment-see here for more information.

The government also incentivises investment in low carbon equipment through its enhanced capital allowances scheme, details of which can be found here.


Business in the Community and Cambridge University's Programme for Sustainability Leadership produced a guide to engaging suppliers and customers in emission reductions. It can be seen here. CBI has also produced a guide to engaging your employees on sustainability, available here.

Getting the support you need

There are a number of organisations out there that can help you to measure and manage your carbon emissions.

"The Mayday network is a group of UK businesses committed to taking action on climate change. It runs a number of regional and national events to help share best practice. Any business is free to join the network, which you can do here.

The Carbon Trust is a government agency that helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint. An overview of the services it provides to SMEs is available here.

BusinessLink is a free advice and support service for businesses. It has a dedicated service for businesses seeking advice on environment and efficiency issues, which can be viewed here, and helped produce a guide for business success in the low carbon economy, which can be downloaded here.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is a not-for-profit organisation that collects carbon data from companies across the world. It runs a number of programmes collecting data on behalf of investors, large private sector businesses and central and local governments in the UK.

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