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Meet the team

The group of experts who represent our members on energy and climate change

Rhian Kelly 189Rhian Kelly, director for business environment

Rhian is director for business environment encompassing construction, infrastructure and energy and climate change.  She spearheads the CBI’s campaigns to boost investment in infrastructure,  promote the development of the low-carbon economy and ensure the resilience of the construction industry.  She joined the CBI in 2006 and was responsible for the ground breaking 2007 report on climate change, which helped shift the perception of the role business can play in moving to a low-carbon economy. Rhian became head of Climate Change in 2008. Prior to the CBI Rhian worked in Beijing and Taipei.

Michelle Hubert 189Michelle Hubert, principal policy adviser

Michelle heads up the energy and climate change team and is responsible for steering the CBI’s ‘green business’ campaign, which includes work-streams on energy supply, energy efficiency and the EU and international energy and climate change framework. She also provides the secretariat to the Energy and Climate Change Board, a cross-sectoral membership group that sets the strategic direction for the CBI’s work in this area. Having joined the team in 2009, she previously worked on housing policy and manufacturing policy. Before joining the CBI, Michelle studied politics at Nottingham University and worked in the Ministry of Justice.

Fergusson, AlexAlex Fergusson, senior policy adviser

Alex is a senior policy adviser focusing on energy policy. He has previously worked in the CBI’s enterprise and innovation team and most recently on the international climate change negotiations. Prior to joining the CBI he worked as a researcher to a member of parliament, for a church and as an election observer in the DR Congo. Alex studied social and political science at the University of Cambridge. 


Steven Altmann-RicherSteven Altmann-Richer, senior policy adviser

Steven is leading the CBI’s work on EU energy and climate change policy and international climate change. Prior to joining the energy and climate change team in October 2011, Steven worked on public service reform policy at the CBI. Steven has a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford, and an undergraduate Geography degree. 



Ross GurdinRoss Gurdin, policy adviser

Ross joined the CBI energy and climate change team in December 2012 as a policy adviser focusing on supply side energy policy and oil and gas policy. Prior to joining the CBI Ross worked for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group where he worked on transport policy. Ross has a degree in Modern History and Political Science from the University of Liverpool.

Stephen MayneStephen Mayne, policy adviser

Stephen joined the climate change team in May 2011 as a policy adviser focusing on low carbon skills and a project on green taxes. Before joining the CBI, Stephen studied Modern History and Politics at Royal Holloway and worked in Parliament for a shadow government minister.

Dave McLaughlin

Dave joined the Energy and Climate Change team in March 2013 as a Policy Adviser focusing on the CBI’s work on the Green Deal, Energy Efficiency and Energy Intensive Industries. Dave has a degree in History and Politics from Durham University and a Masters degree from King’s College London. Before joining the CBI, Dave worked as a Policy Adviser to the Private Secretary to The Queen and as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Labour MP.

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