CBI: How infrastructure drives growth in the UK
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How infrastructure drives growth in the UK

Investment in infrastructure unlocks growth...

Helping to support 1.35m construction jobs
Developing high-value skills in the UK workforce
Opening access to new high-growth markets

...and supports future prosperity

Rolling out super-fast broadband to 90% of the population
Increasing the UK's renewable energy production to 15% by 2020
Reducing our impact on the natural enviroment
Reducing £23bn of waste in our economy each year

Every day, in every region, businesses in the UK are working to deliver world-class infrastructure projects for the benefit of all.

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The expansion and improvement of the A1(M), improving the motorway link between Newcastle and London, is creating jobs and local investment along the route. Carillion and Morgan Sindall have led the latest £318m phase of the project, from Dishforth to Leeming in North Yorkshire. This has seen:

£221m invested in the local economy during the construction phase from 2009 to 2012

600 jobs created during the peak construction phase

36 local community projects benefiting from investment during construction

150 staff trained in accredited construction skills courses

Vodafone's use of innovative 'open femto' technology is providing 3G mobile coverage to rural 'not spots' by connecting to the Vodafone network via fixed-line broadband.

A successful pilot was rolled out in the West Berkshire village of East Garston in 2011

Vodafone is rolling out 12 further pilots in rural areas across the UK

National Grid is investing in new connections to deliver power from low-carbon sources to UK customers – together with a major investment in gas infrastructure to guarantee security of supply.

300km of high-tech electricity cables and lines connecting new wind farms off the coasts of North Wales, the North West and East of England and new nuclear power stations in Somerset, Cumbria, Suffolk and Wales

of investment between 2013 and 2021

7,500 direct and supply-chain jobs

At Hinkley Point, the site of an existing nuclear power station in Somerset, EDF Energy plans to build the first of a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK. When fully operational, this plant will provide more than 6% of the UK’s electricity.

The new plant will produce 3.2GW of electricity – enough for 5m households

jobs will be created during construction

£100m a year of investment will go into Somerset's economy at the peak of construction

£15m will be invested in a permanent new engineering training centre in Bridgwater, Somerset, along with a futher £6m for new skills courses in colleges across the area

Once completed, it will employ 900 people and inject £40m a year into Somerset's economy for 60 years

Transport for London's £1bn investment in the improvement and extension of the East London line, within the new London Overground network, has transformed transport connections across the east of the capital.

1,400 people employed on the construction phase of the project – 69% from the local area

120 UK manufacturing jobs supported in the production of new trains in Derby

increase in passenger use on the extended line – from 9m to 38m a year (2007-2012)

House prices along the route increased above the London average from 2010 to 2012

2m fewer car journeys a year as passengers use new line

(10% of new users switch from car)

In one of these partnerships, with Cornwall Council and with EU support, BT is installing a network of fibre broadband across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to make it one of the best connected places in the world by 2014, supporting thousands of new jobs across the region.

£132m of transformational investment between 2010 and 2014

New capability will benefit over 10,000 businesses acrosss the county – creating 4,000 new local jobs and protecting a futher 2,000

New network to offer connection speeds to homes and businesses of up to 330Mbps

Provides a new model for succesful public-private partnerships

Investing in infrastructure generates economic and social benefits for individuals, communities, regions and the UK as a whole

Investment in infrastructure unlocks growth...

...and supports future prosperity

Projects to renew our energy, transport, waste, water and digital networks are major employers in regions across the UK
Infrastructure projects are catalysing economic growth through supply chains across the UK – 90p in every £1 spent on construction projects stays in the local area
Infrastructure projects are developing skills at all levels of the UK workforce, from apprenticeships to world-leading engineering specialisms
£70bn of investment in the UK's roads, rail networks, ports and airports by 2015 is opening access to new high-growth markets
Rolling out fibre broadband coverage to 90% of the UK, working with the public sector, will help communities grow and access key services
Investment in diverse technologies is delivering a cleaner, more reliable energy supply for the UK
£98bn of investment in our water infrastructure over the last 20 years is helping manage extraction demand and reducing our impact on the natural environment
Investment in our environmental infrastructure is making the UK economy more lean and efficient – reducing £18bn of waste and saving £5bn in energy and water costs each year

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