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Globally competitive tax and regulation is hugely important to businesses in the UK. But it's not just about the corporate tax rate – policies that support research and development and capital investment also matter, as does stability, simplicity and certainty in policymaking and the cumulative impact of regulation and taxes faced by business. The CBI represents the voice of business on all these issues.

Top priorities

  1. Stability, simplicity and certainty in tax policy and regulation – With a raft of policy changes affecting business and adding to costs, the CBI is lobbying for the Government to deliver stability, simplicity and certainty for the rest of the parliament.
  2. Supporting investment and productivity – The UK's capital allowances regime is the least competitive in the G7, and the regulatory burden often means business resources are diverted from more productive uses. The CBI is lobbying for these issues to be addressed, and other policies that can support business productivity.
  3. International tax reform – The international tax system is currently undergoing unprecedented reform through efforts at OECD, European and UK level. The CBI is supporting efforts to ensure reforms create a level, competitive playing field and lead to increased trust in business.

Policy issues affecting the industry

  • UK implementation of OECD "BEPS" recommendations – The UK Government is in the process of introducing measures to implement OECD recommendations to prevent base erosion and profit shifting ("BEPS"). These changes will have big implications for larger businesses.
  • EU tax proposals – The EU has recently introduced a number of tax proposals which we are engaging with policymakers on, including for public country-by-country reporting of corporates tax information and an Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive.
  • The "cumulative burden" of regulatory costs and taxes – The CBI have been vocal on the combined impact on businesses cost base of Government measures, including recent policies such as the Apprenticeship Levy and National Living Wage.
  • The public tax debate – tax is one of the top issues of debate at the moment, including a focus on the tax practices of businesses. The CBI is working hard to build trust and understanding of the tax system.

How to get involved

  • Share your views – there are many ways for members to contribute to our work. Give us your views on what tax measures you value most and least, and input into our consultation responses on issues such as the restrictions on tax deductibility of corporate interest and losses.
  • Have your say – through our Great Business Debate campaign we are enabling members to explore challenging issues such as responsible tax.
  • Get involved in our "Making the Case" tax project which aims to raise awareness of the tax system and business tax contribution.
  • Get the latest intelligence – access to insights from across policy and business direct to your inbox.

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