CBI: Tax: Reviewing the tax regime to ensure UK economic competitiveness
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Getting the tax system right is more important than ever

The UK must retain its place as a good place to invest in and to do business from. In the long term, the need to rebalance the economy towards greater business investment and exports remains - so tax competitiveness is key to both short and long term prosperity.

At home, our domestic tax system must be competitive. For the most part, this means committing to stability and allowing the changes introduced so far to take effect. However, there are parts of the tax system that need more attention and the CBI will actively take these forward and support restoring the public’s trust in business.

We also need to tackle tax reform at the international level, and for this we need to work on a multilateral basis, ensuring that the UK is at the forefront of developing international tax policy that works in a global economy.

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