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Our prosperity as a country is linked to the success of business. But business can’t realise its full potential when people don’t always see the value it creates. The Great Business Debate is a CBI led campaign to help build public confidence in business.

Campaign themes

  1. Culture and values – The culture of businesses & their leaders are under the spotlight. Is profit a dirty word, are businesses too focused on the short-term & can they act responsibly? Read more.
  2. Consumer choice – Business has transformed our lives by creating new products and services. But do consumers always get a good deal? Read more.
  3. Jobs, pay and progression – Around the UK companies are creating & supporting jobs. But what about getting into work, moving up & being paid? Read more here.
  4. Tax – Business makes a significant tax contribution to the UK. But are companies playing by the rules? Find out here.

How to get involved

  1. Share your views – There are many ways for members to contribute to the campaign. Write a blog, share case studies, debate through our social media channels, or contact us.
  2. Sign up to newsletter Sign up to our newsletter to receive business news and invites to our events.
  3. Come to our event, or host your own – We hold a number of exciting events throughout the year that are free for members to attend. We also provide the tools for members to host their own events on public confidence issues that are important to them.
  4. Access opinions and facts on our website – Read our extensive catalogue of opinion pieces, factsheets, case studies and more!

Materials for CBI members

  1. Facts and analyses – Get up-to-date facts & analysis on issues that impact public trust.
  2. Member Network – Join our member network where you can share thoughts, experiences and best practice, in confidence, on issues concerning public confidence in business.
  3. Member toolkit – Our member toolkit is packed with the resources you need to contribute to the campaign, from social media to hosting your own Great Business Debate. Find out more.
  4. Email updates – Our member email updates keep members informed on all campaign developments as well as insights and analysis.
  5. Participate in a roundtable with members and specialists in reponsible business – Contact us for more information.

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What our members are telling us:

Estelle Brachlianoff

How a company does business is becoming as important, for its reputation and for its shareholders, as the profit it makes.

What our members are telling us:

Judith Everett
COO, Crown Estate

We have to look through the uncertainty and think bigger about how we create value to achieve resilient and relevant businesses.

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