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  • Report Value of business

    Everyone's business tracker

    05 January 2018 - 

    The numbers behind the reputation of UK business have improved since our last survey. In the same period, the national discussion about the value of British business has reached new levels.

  • Report Value of business

    Everyone's business: Public attitudes report

    19 July 2017 - 

    Discover how location affects people's attitudes towards business with our regional map

  • Article Business Voice

    Ready for reform?

    08 March 2017 - 

    Government plans for reform look set to bring higher expectations for corporate governance – it’s time to get ready

  • Insight Value of business

    Brexit uncertainty demands more responsible business

    15 July 2016 - 

    Over coming years, at least until Britain has established a new global role following the ‘Brexit’ referendum, the spotlight of public scrutiny will fall on business more than ever before. Its ‘licence to operate’ will have to be more obviously earned, whilst thoughts that business was somehow above the tawdry world of (small ‘p’) politics will have to be reassessed. Brexit is changing everything.

  • Insight Value of business

    Demonstrating the value of business after Brexit

    15 July 2016 - 

    Just four weeks ago the world changed.

  • Insight Value of business

    Women in senior positions need to make themselves visible

    21 April 2016 - 

    Gender diversity in the workplace and why women need to make themselves visible.

  • Insight Value of business

    What is it like to be a young entrepreneur?

    21 April 2016 - 

    In this day and age you need determination, grit, guts and a huge sense of humour to survive as a business owner. When I unconsciously entered the world of business on my 20th birthday, I never imagined what a tough journey I was about to embark on.

  • Insight Value of business

    Why the Met has to demonstrate more than just the price of policing

    18 December 2015 - 

    When I started this job I promised to save money, cut crime and change the culture of the Met. I haven’t finished but I have made some progress. We’ve cut £600m from our spending — not by retreating but by finding more cost effective ways of policing– and cutting crime as we’ve done this. That has meant looking to business — for inspiration and partnership. However, it is my third promise that is perhaps the hardest to grapple with. Changing the culture of 50,000 people doesn’t happen overnight and has to happen at an individual level 50,000 times.

  • Insight Value of business

    Tax mythbuster: 8 myths about business paying tax

    14 December 2015 - 

    Confused by the tax debate? Check out our mythbuster on common misconceptions

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