16 October 2017 | By Gordon Wilson Community

A world of opportunities?

The past year has seen plenty of uncertainty in the UK, but digital technology offers businesses the chance to reimagine their organisations and their potential

This year’s theme at the CBI’s Annual Conference, ‘a world of opportunities’, is an upbeat and optimistic one. But with insecurity about the potential consequences of Brexit and the impact of forthcoming legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it's fair to say that businesses are quite distracted from seeing that potential.

Last November, Advanced ran our inaugural Trends survey of more than 1,000 businesses. The results revealed that 51 per cent felt Brexit was an opportunity for prosperity and growth. But as we prepare for the launch of this year’s annual Trends Survey – due to be launched at the Annual Conference next month – will we see a shift in businesses’ attitudes and thoughts about what is happening in the UK currently?

What are the biggest threats that organisations now face and how many are still feeling optimistic about the future? And looking beyond Europe, are businesses looking further afield and into the global market to find that world of opportunity?

We’re interested in what businesses need to consider to be well-placed to maximise opportunities – be it at a global level or simply to gain market share here in the UK.

Digitally fit for the future

In our opinion, what is unquestioned is the importance of technology in driving an unprecedented pace of change in the way businesses deliver and consume services securely. We are seeing more and more businesses increasingly confident that digital technology can create a connected business fit for future success.

Having the right technology can allow organisations to reimagine the way in which they work, from unlocking the potential of the productivity of their workforce, through to transforming their customer engagement.

In the past 12 months alone, we’ve seen a shift in focus to areas such as cloud technology. Moving to a connected cloud strategy is fast becoming the right choice for many to drive efficiencies, innovate and grow. It delivers the flexibility and pace that businesses need today to succeed – getting easy access to data that is up-to-date and reliably so. Businesses can no longer afford to be constricted by structures and procedures that hold them back from identifying opportunities. The world we operate in now demands fast decision making and the agility to carry them out with pace.

We recognise there’s still a way to go until businesses have the confidence to gain control with digital opportunities such as cloud technology. A recent survey of British businesses showed that only 33 per cent see themselves as experienced with cloud technology, although 37 per cent have recently launched projects based on the cloud. But we’re convinced that a move to the cloud is the first step to helping organisations be better placed to take advantage of a world of opportunities – whether it’s embracing a global outlook or focusing firmly within the UK.

As we continue to work within this era of unchartered territory, it is without doubt time for businesses to be brave and reimagine their organisation and their world of opportunities. The cloud is the single biggest opportunity to positively disrupt businesses and allow them to gain a competitive edge. This will ensure organisations are best placed for future success – not distracted by uncertainty and fear.

Advanced is a corporate partner for the CBI Annual Conference, being held on 6 November. 


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