4 March 2016 Insight

Tips for doing business in the UAE

Newcastle International Airport has had direct flights to Dubai since 2007. Despite the economy, passenger numbers and freight volumes have increased every year – and the service is responsible for the vast majority of the £310m of exports leaving the airport annually. So how can businesses – and SMEs in particular – take advantage of growth in the UAE?

With the world’s tallest building; a snow-dome inside a shopping centre and one of the world’s busiest airports, Dubai has been big news for tourists for a number of years now. But the UAE has also been one of the UK’s fastest growing destinations for exports since 2010.

This has been driven by the region’s diversification away from oil, investment in infrastructure including airports, education and healthcare, and an appetite for British goods and services. And the Dubai Expo in 2020 will be the catalyst for the next stage of growth, says Joe Hepworth, founder of the British Centre for Business (BCB).

He joined CBI head of international Ben Digby for this webinar, offering CBI members some top tips about how to find partners and navigate local regulations.

You can also listen in below to Leon McQuiad, aviation development director at Newcastle Airport, as he discusses how direct flights from Newcastle to Dubai are boosting the economy in the north east.

Tune in to the webinar with BCB's Joe Hepworth here.