CBI: Access to finance

Access to finance

Ensuring businesses of all sizes are able to generate growth capital is crucial to the UK's economic well-being

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'We need raise the level of finance in the economy to support our growth aspirations'

- CBI director-general John Cridland

The CBI's Financing for Growth report calls for action on two fronts. Firstly, it is asking for immediate action to smooth the transition to a “new normal” in banking lending.

And secondly, it emphasises the need to refocus finance so that it is squarely lined up behind the CBI's vision for a rebalanced economy that includes big roles for medium-sized businesses, exporters and increased business investment.

What is the new normal?
Regulatory reform, bank balance sheet restructuring, and a more realistic pricing of risk are shaping a new normal for bank finance. This transition is being exacerbated given the historic reliance on bank finance in the UK, and made bumpier by cyclical pressures from the eurozone.

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