CBI: Developing the infrastructure for growth

Developing the infrastructure for growth

A strong infrastructure is essential to growth, but our transport, housing and energy systems are creaking. Action is needed to invest in high-quality, affordable infrastructure that boosts the economy

Reliable transport, secure energy, resilient water and waste services, high-speed broadband: these are all critical factors for the success of UK firms. A well-functioning and sustainable housing market is also crucial to the nation's long-term economic health.

But much of our infrastructure is not up to scratch. Public under-investment and an unfavourable environment for sustained private investment means we face challenges in all areas. £310bn of investment is needed by 2015 to rectify this situation: two thirds of this will need to come from the private sector.

That requires government to work with business to incentivise the market to provide the funding and ideas needed, and a rethink of we engage the public in making long-term choices. Our 2013 Infrastructure Survey shows that business is concerned that the good ideas the government has put forward are at risk from inaction.

Check out this infographic giving the key findings from our infrastructure survey.

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