CBI: Industrial strategy

Industrial strategy

A coherent industrial strategy is needed to rebalance the UK economy towards trade and investment and help us secure a sustainable industrial future

The CBI has played a leading role in championing the development and subsequent implementation of the UK’s industrial strategy. 

In our 2012 report, Playing our Strongest Hand, we argued that government needed to be more strategic in how it approached giving support to sectors of the UK economy that had either clear competitive advantages or great potential.

Government responded by setting out plans to develop a UK industrial strategy, working with businesses in the 11 ‘champion’ sectors to develop tailored strategies to help encourage their further development and success.

A year later we responded in turn, publishing a report that tracked the progress made in implementing the UK’s industrial strategy so far. Published in 2013, Raising the Bar also highlighted the need to raise our ambitions around the UK’s industrial strategy, to ensure that the UK economy is positioned for long-term success on the world stage.

In 2014, the CBI’s industrial strategy project moved to focus on the vital need to strengthen the UK’s manufacturing supply chains. Called Pulling Together, this new report argued that boosting our ability to offer greater innovation, quality and service than our global competitors could unlock a significant opportunity to drive supply chain growth, potentially worth up to £30 billion and 500,000 jobs by 2025. 

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