A guide for government and its suppliers

A fundamental rethink of how public services are delivered is necessary if the challenges of lower spending and rising demand are to be met. The adoption of new commercial behaviours to help government harness the benefits of business investment and innovation will be a critical part of this rethink.

In this guide we detail six key behaviours which can underpin strong government-business partnerships and enable government to maximise their value. This is intended to be an iterative process, and we welcome feedback and case studies which demonstrate where partnerships are producing positive results.


The 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review

In a submission to HM Treasury, the CBI stressed the significance of transformational public service reform in delivering sustainable public finances - through making Whitehall a smarter state, supporting local public services to tackle common challenges, and backing the NHS to boost its productivity.

As per this guide the CBI's submission also argued for government to act differently as a customer, reflecting a move towards transformation in its commercial behaviours. This is essential to unlocking the full potential of the private sector and the innovation and investment that it has to offer.

You can read more about our response to the Spending Review here.

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