Gordon Gurnik is president of RCI, the worldwide leader in vacation exchange and provider of travel services to businesses and consumers, serving 3.8 million members and more than 4,300 vacation ownership resorts. RCI is the largest exchange network in existence – offering the most expansive selection of high quality choices, a sizeable and established membership base, marketing support and lead-generation capabilities, and extensive rental and distribution channels. Gurnik is responsible for all RCI operations.

A long-term veteran of RCI, Gurnik joined the company in 1987, serving in various roles during his tenure including within the contact centers’ operations, revenue management where he created the company’s inventory valuation and exchange priority systems, club development, and product development. Recently he led the exchange business through a process to significantly enhance the online exchange experience for RCI’s members, making planning and booking a vacation simpler and more fun while adding many new benefits and capabilities for all of RCI’s members.

Through the years, he has been instrumental in advancing the company’s products including the development of RCI Points®, the largest points-based exchange system, The Registry Collection® program, the industry’s first and foremost luxury exchange product, and the enhancements to RCI® Weeks which transformed the program by adding more transparency and flexibility than ever before. He has consulted on the development and implementation of most of the shared ownership clubs and has facilitated the majority of the brands launched into the timeshare sector.