Shuichi Akamatsu is currently serving as Minister for economic affairs at the Embassy of Japan in London. After graduating from Tokyo University, he joined the Japanese Foreign Ministry in 1989. Upon instructions, he studied at the People’s University of China in Beijing and completed his post-graduate studies at Harvard University in Boston. In the headquarters in Tokyo, he has been involved in various multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations and dispute settlement procedures as a legal expert of Japanese delegations in the mid-1990s. Also, he has devoted himself to economic policy planning in a wide range of economic fields such as energy, natural resources and food, development finance, economic growth strategy, G7/8 and G20 Summits and so on as their respective directors from 2009 to 2014. He has experienced overseas postings in the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York (2000-03), Japanese Embassies in China (2003-06) and Indonesia (2014-17). Although he has just transferred from Jakarta to London in September, his economic background is well placed to observe as Britain prepares for Brexit.