Business innovation is fundamental to economic prosperity. Businesses that embrace new products, processes and technologies become more productive, challenge existing business models and grow quickly.

The CBI works to help create the conditions that enable businesses to come up with new ideas, invest in research and development, and adopt new technologies. To support this we are delighted to announce our Innovation Conference on 23rd May 2018. This one-day conference will comprise keynote and panel plenary sessions, as well as breakout workshops.

Product - the creation of a good or service that is either new or improved

Tech - igniting change and bringing interconnection to the forefront

Talent - stimulating, developing and supporting innovative talent through skills, culture, structures and process.

The conference will also provide you with a chance to influence our policy work in this space. It will also provide you with details on how to access our latest innovation related intelligence.

We are immensely proud that the event will be held at the Renishaw Innovation Centre in Gloucestershire.