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Building on the success of The CBI Leadership Programme, this programme will equip you with the skills and understanding to anticipate and drive change in a way that works for your business.

Key benefits

  • Understand what the policy, political and economic landscape means for your business.
  • Appreciate how societal expectations and technological progress are changing the role of business and government.
  • Know who is influencing change beyond central government and how to engage decision makers.
  • Land your key messages and build your influence with different audiences – personally and for your business.

In detail

With political uncertainty high, shifting societal expectations and rapid technological progress bringing both new opportunities and new challenges, next generation leaders, across all sectors will play a crucial role in helping their organisations respond to change.

The ability to look beyond your business and really understand and anticipate the political, social and economic drivers of change, is a skill that is high valuable in business. The CBI can help you to hone and embed these skills within your business, ensuring you are better-prepared to find the best solutions to adapt your business for change ahead.

Core content

  • Examine the political, economic and policy context in which UK companies operate.
  • Explore the skills and understanding needed to maintain a competitive advantage in an ever changing market.
  • Get to know your local decision makers and the role of business in your community.
  • Understand how policymaking works in Europe and make the most of Brexit.
  • A CBI toolkit will enable you to get your messages heard effectively.
  • A final 2 day workshop, which pulls together everything you have learnt to solve big issues puzzling policy makers and business alike.

Logistics & location

This eight day programme brings together groups of the most talented next generation leaders from the CBI’s member companies. Sessions will take place in various locations spanning international to local decision making institutions.

The programme will culminate with a 2 day challenge in which our group will develop and create new solutions to key policy issues facing business. You will present your ideas back to the CBI and to government – offering a plan of action which can shape future policy.

Who should apply?

The programme is for those with approximately 10-15 years career experience, who have progressed quickly and are identified as potential future company executives. You should already have significant responsibility within your business. You would typically be at divisional director level or equivalent.

Places are limited to 25 per cohort. We strive to ensure that groups have a good mix of sector and role representation.

Programme fee

For 2017/18 the programme has an introductory cost of £4,000 plus VAT for the 8 day programme.

Next steps

Email to express your interest