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The CBI is the UK’s most effective and influential business group. Our policy experts produce insight and analysis that cover a broad range of policy issues affecting companies of all sectors and sizes. For more information about the areas we cover visit our business issues section.

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  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    5 steps to protect services post-Brexit

    08 March 2018 - 

    The UK services sector is a great British success story. This paper sets out the 5 steps for negotiators to protect services trade through Brexit.

  • Insight Tax & regulation

    #SpringStatement2018: Is Spring Statement a time to look to the future?

    07 March 2018 - 

    In the Autumn of 2016 the Chancellor announced that the government will now move to a single major fiscal event each year, taking place in the Autumn. Admittedly, since then we’ve have two Budgets, but that was to be expected due to the need to synchronise the policymaking and legislative cycles.

  • Insight Brexit & EU negotiations

    Business view of Prime Minister's Mansion House speech

    02 March 2018 - 

    Analysis of the Prime Minister's Brexit speech on 2nd March 2018. 

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Customs union: The facts

    06 February 2018 - 

    Everything you need to know about a customs union and the tough choices that lie ahead

  • Survey Brexit & EU negotiations

    Survey: How businesses are preparing for Brexit

    30 January 2018 - 

    We surveyed over 300 businesses, and spoke with many more, to understand how firms are preparing for Brexit.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    The future UK-EU relationship

    22 January 2018 - 

    Businesses have spent the last 18 months analysing what is important about the future economic relationship between the UK and EU as negotiations move into phase two...

  • Insight Brexit & EU negotiations

    A business plan for a good brexit

    22 January 2018 - 

    Speaking at the University of Warwick, Carolyn says time is running out and businesses urgently need decisions to protect UK jobs and growth. Clarity, flexibility and urgency are vital to get a “good Brexit for Britain”, requiring a fundamental change in approach.

  • Report People & skills

    In perfect harmony

    17 January 2018 - 

    We’ve all seen the headlines. Attended the meetings. Read the press releases. Skills matter to growth and innovation, but we haven’t been getting it right.

  • Report Trust in business

    Everyone's business tracker

    05 January 2018 - 

    The numbers behind the reputation of UK business have improved since our last survey. In the same period, the national discussion about the value of British business has reached new levels.