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The CBI is the UK’s most effective and influential business group. Our policy experts produce insight and analysis that cover a broad range of policy issues affecting companies of all sectors and sizes. For more information about the areas we cover visit our business issues section.

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  • Report Tax & regulation

    Catching the peloton

    06 August 2018 - 

    The business investment race and how the tax system can help the UK to catch-up

  • Podcast The economy

    Podcast: Business investment

    06 August 2018 - 

    ‘Catching the peloton’ is a new CBI report on business investment. In this podcast, Fiona Geskes talks with principle economists Alpesh Paleja and Megan Baddeley about the report’s findings, exploring how investment is a driver of economic growth, productivity and prosperity.

  • Report Infrastructure

    Northern Ireland Broadband Industry Forum report

    02 August 2018 - 

    A new report from CBI chaired NI Broadband Industry Forum on the deployment of the £150 million broadband fund for Northern Ireland.

  • Podcast Brexit & EU negotiations

    Podcast: Political update

    27 July 2018 - 

    Brexit White Paper, Chequers and resignations. A frantic few weeks in Westminster has given us plenty to talk about in the latest Politcal Update from the CBI.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Business View of the EU from Switzerland

    26 July 2018 - 

    A practical guide for members explaining how the relationship between Switzerland and the EU operates.  

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Business view of the EU from Norway

    26 July 2018 - 

    A practical guide for members explaining how the relationship between Norway and the EU operates.

  • Insight Tax & regulation

    Has picking a date for the Budget ever been this tricky?

    24 July 2018 - 

    At this time of the year, momentum starts to build towards a busy Autumn period and now thanks to the revamped policy cycle a Budget.

  • Report Trade

    Winning worldwide

    19 July 2018 - 

    A four-step exports growth plan for the UK

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Overview: The business view of the Government's Brexit White Paper

    12 July 2018 - 

    On 12th July 2018, the Government released a 98 page White Paper setting out its most detailed negotiating position to date.