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The CBI is the UK’s most effective and influential business group. Our policy experts produce insight and analysis that cover a broad range of policy issues affecting companies of all sectors and sizes. For more information about the areas we cover visit our business issues section.

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  • Insight Tax & regulation

    Has picking a date for the Budget ever been this tricky?

    24 July 2018 - 

    At this time of the year, momentum starts to build towards a busy Autumn period and now thanks to the revamped policy cycle a Budget.

  • Report Trade

    Winning worldwide

    19 July 2018 - 

    A four-step exports growth plan for the UK

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Overview: The business view of the Government's Brexit White Paper

    12 July 2018 - 

    On 12th July 2018, the Government released a 98 page White Paper setting out its most detailed negotiating position to date.

  • Report Brexit & EU negotiations

    Business on a connected island

    12 July 2018 - 

    Joint Ibec and CBI NI report on economic development and job creation on the island of Ireland

  • Report Public services

    Partnering for prosperity

    26 June 2018 - 

    Partnerships between the public and private sectors are critical to both the delivery of high-quality public services and infrastructure and the health of the wider economy.

  • Report Innovation

    Be more magpie

    26 June 2018 - 

    How your business can solve productivity challenges with tried and tested technologies

  • Podcast Trust in business

    Podcast: A guide to the new corporate governance code

    06 June 2018 - 

    In this CBI podcast Matthew Fell and David Styles discuss the development of a new voluntary corporate governance code, due to be published this year in conjunction with new mandatory reporting requirements for large private companies. Matthew Fell is the CBI’s Chief UK Policy Director. David Styles is Director of Corporate Governance at the FRC (Financial Reporting Council).

  • Insight Trade

    UK still USA's strongest investment partner at $569bn - CBI / Eli Lilly

    22 May 2018 - 

    Top priority for Trump visit must be deepening of trade and investment ties

  • Report Tax & regulation

    Tax incentives in the Global South

    10 May 2018 - 

    A business and civil society briefing