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Growing Britain’s Creative Industries examines rising global demand and opportunities for our creative industries.

From the production of best-selling albums, to the design of some of the world’s most innovative buildings, Britain’s creative companies are the cream of the crop. Our new report looks at how this is driving significant economic benefits, while helping to shape the UK’s global brand and our cultural influence overseas. We also take a look at some of our most successful creative exports and exporters.

At an international level appetite for creative goods and services is increasing, as developments in infrastructure and digital technology offer greater access to content, habits change, and a growing global middle class has the disposable income to spend more on a wider range of products. From broadcasting in China, to games in North America, our report looks at the mounting opportunities across a range of sub-sectors and regions.

We argue that our creative businesses are in an excellent position to build on their existing success in many of these markets, but to leverage the full strength of the sector, government and business need to take steps to improve support. In the wake of the referendum result, this will be particularly important.

These steps include:

The need for creative industries international strategy and export programmes to be driven by bodies with specialist sectoral expertise

  • More and improved diplomatic support for the sector from HM Government
  • Ongoing backing for efforts to improve statistical data available for the sector and its exports
  • A greater emphasis from across business on the value of sharing best practice in exports and internationalisation

You can read the full report online here. To find out more about our support for the creative industries, as well as to share your own experience in the sector please contact Jessica.