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Business tax contribution - 2016/17

In 2016/17 the businesses tax contribution increased by nearly £19 billion from £186.5 billion to £205.3 billion.

UK business tax contribution

Business paid £205 billion in taxes in 2016/17, this accounts for 30% of all tax revenue. Click on the business tax slice of the pie chart to see how the tax contribution UK businesses make breaks down.

Growth in tax revenue in the year to 2016/17

The business tax contribution increased by 10.2% outpacing growth in the total tax revenue. Growth was led by a 21.9% increase in Corporation Tax.

Corporation Tax revenue as a % of GDP

The UK has the lowest rate of Corporation Tax in the G7. Despite this low rate, the UK collects more Corporation Tax (as a % of GDP) than high tax jurisdictions like Germany, France, Italy & the US.