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EU referendum evidence submissions

Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Inquiry: Business views on EU Referendum

In April 2016, the CBI submitted evidence to the BIS Select Committee enquiry on business views on the EU referendum.

View the CBI submission here

For more information on the inquiry, see here

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

On 8 March 2016, CBI Director of Campaigns, Andy Bagnall gave evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee enquiry on the EU referendum.

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House of Lords European Union Select Committee

On 8 December 2015, the CBI were invited to give evidence on 'EU reform visions' to the House of Lords European Union Select Committee.

Andy Bagnall, CBI director of campaigns, gave oral evidence alongside the representatives of the TUC and the CityUK.

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See more information here

CBI response to Treasury Committee Inquiry

In November 2015, the CBI submitted response to the House of Commons Treasury Committee Inquiry on ‘The economic and financial costs and benefits of the UK’s membership of the EU’.

This submission explains how:

  1. The benefits of EU membership for British businesses have significantly outweighed the costs 
  2. The process of leaving the EU could cause a prolonged period of dislocation and none of the alternatives to EU membership replicate the benefits that the UK currently gets
  3. The UK can remain influential in a changing European Union and reform it for the better

PDF version 

For more information on the inquiry, see here.