A practical guide for businesses to support STEM teaching in schools and colleges

Science and maths education is vital for developing people with the skills and knowledge to flourish and succeed in their careers – however a shortage of STEM knowledge among school leavers and graduates continues to pose a challenge for businesses and their continued growth.

We know that business relationships with schools and colleges can play a crucial role in supporting STEM education, so the CBI and the Royal Society have worked with businesses and teachers to explore how these relationships can best be developed and optimised to support STEM learning and encourage and enthuse future generations about the opportunities these subjects present.

Education is everyone’s business, so we all need to play a part. Whatever the size of your organisation, whatever your motivation for engaging with schools and colleges, and however far along this pathway you are, we hope that you find this guide useful in demonstrating the practical ways in which you and your business can make a direct and lasting difference to the lives of young people and our economic futures.

For further information contact Katy Pell or Grace Breen.