Primary education lays foundations for future learning and success at secondary school and through life. Getting it right is essential and everyone has a part to play.

Achievement in education has a huge impact on a child’s life chances: good education is the groundwork for the success of any child, young person and their career. It also underpins our economic fortunes by shaping the knowledge, skills and aspiration of the next generation.

For all our children and schools to flourish they need more support. Teaching, developing and inspiring each and every child is a tough job – and it’s not just down to teachers.

All of us – schools, businesses, government, parents – have a part to play in improving standards of education across the country, and it starts at primary school.

For many businesses, engaging with local primary schools is less familiar than working with secondary schools or colleges. However, it’s just as valuable for the pupils, as well as rewarding for both the school and business.

What can be done will differ according to the needs of those involved. This leaflet gives examples of what’s working and the benefits it brings. The common theme is collaboration and support with the aim of giving every child the best start in life.