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The world won’t stand still and so neither can business. With megatrends like globalisation, the relentless pace of technological advance and the changing demographic make-up of the workforce mean the world of work and shape of workplaces must adapt and evolve.

Workplace 2030 is about understanding and productively harnessing these changes for the success of businesses up and down the country and prosperity for all.

What is Workplace 2030?

Workplace 2030 is an exclusive series of thought leadership events providing business leaders with the chance to discuss the future of work and the workplace through a commercial and opportunity focused lens.

Join the CBI to hear a range of exciting external experts and experienced business leaders discuss how megatrends are changing the nature of work and workplaces and what the most productive ways for businesses to harness these trends to raise productivity and boost competitiveness are. Afterwards, audiences will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session, continuing the debate.  

The Future of Work in the Digital Age

On 15 June 2016 the first workplace 2030 event focused on the future of work. A panel discussion took place featuring Neil Carberry, CBI; Marianne Green, Deloitte; Professor Lynda Gratton; Vernon Everitt, TfL and Roger De'Ath, Google. Find out more and hear the panel discussion or read a full write up of the Future of Work in the Digital Age event in Business Voice.

Employee Engagement

The second event in the Workplace 2030 series looked at improving employee engagement to generate greater workforce productivity. On 21 September CBI’s Josh Hardie was joined by Payal Vasudeva, Accenture, Nita Clarke, IPA and Jenifer Barker, DHL. Find out more and hear the panel discussion of the employee engagement event. 

Leadership and Management

Our final Workplace 2030 event of 2016 took place on 14 December with a panel debate on the challenges around how leadership and management must adapt to remain ensure businesses remain competitive and productivity in the future workplace. The panel featured Neil Carberry, CBI; Lisa Lyons, Mercer; Tim Kemp, Warren Partners; Justine Lutterodt, Centre for Synchronous Leadership and Michael Jenkins, Roffey Park. Find out more about the panel debate on leadership here.

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