When the UK voted to leave the European Union on the June 23rd 2016, it was clear that businesses would be faced with change. Firms continue to manage this change and uncertainty with focus, determination and a clear message: the final result must be a coherent deal that delivers the best outcome for every region and every sector of the UK economy.

The CBI has a central role in helping to secure this deal. We represent 190,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors, across the regions and nations of the UK. Together, these firms employ roughly a third of the private sector workforce and their insight is essential in shaping a consistent, whole economy view for the negotiations.

To provide this insight, the CBI has undertaken one of our biggest ever consultations, having had thousands of conversations with companies of all sizes and sectors, and the experts and representatives at dozens of trade associations. Across the country, the CBI have found that businesses are determined to get on with the job of delivering the goods and services that keep our economy moving forward. However, firms are also exploring how the choices the UK and EU make together over the coming months and years are likely to affect them: directly – through rule changes, impacts on employees or the choices of international investors – or indirectly through the fortunes of customers, suppliers, and the industries that enable everyday activity.

This document aims to set out the priorities of each sector and by doing that, give clarity on the issues that apply across sectors, helping the government to maintain the key principles of openness, stability and certainty of trade, immigration, regulation and funding that are shared by all.

The CBI and our members are committed to playing our part throughout the process of leaving the European Union. By providing the full picture and working in partnership with government, industry will help shape the best deal so that we can build an economy that works across the UK

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