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Experian: better citizen insight is improving services

Residents in Barking and Dagenham are leading happier, healthier lives thanks to the council and NHS primary care trust targeting services

Hospital 559The Council and PCT have formed a partnership to improve health services in the borough, and are ensuring they use rich, detailed information to gain better insight into what services should be provided.

As it's vital to collect and analyse the right information, the partnership has linked with Experian, an information services company that provides analytical tools and citizen insight to clients in the public sector. Experian has applied its unique approach to help identify gaps in service provision and show how they can be filled. It also uses visual mapping to enable a deeper understanding of how to direct health campaigns to the people that are most in need.

This has led to better, more cost-efficient services in Barking and Dagenham. The length of stay at hospitals and repeat attendances at Accident and Emergency have fallen and well-targeted communications have increased awareness of an online information service for pregnant teenagers by 38%. 

Cost savings of £6m have been achieved, and this will increase, as the data and insight is also being used to better plan for what services will be needed in the future.


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