CBI: Maximising the potential of green business: Recommendations for government
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Maximising the potential of green business: Recommendations for government

The CBI's Colour of Growth report identified 10 ways in which the government can help to promote green business

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1. Maintain the UK's ambition

Ensure that the ambtion of the 4th Carbon Budget is maintained, if underpinned by a smart UK policy framework which follows the recommedations of this report, and matched with consistent messaging from all parts of government.

2. Play a strong role in Europe and internationally

Be at the forefront of shaping the future of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and global climate negotiations.

3. Establish clear and stable market frameworks

Ensure that market signals - particularly within the reformed electricity market - have stability and longevity, with any adjustments made in a pre-defined way.

4. Stimulate new consumer markets

Work collaboratively with business to ensure the right mix of incentives and regulation, together with clear and consistent information, is in place to drive demand in emerging markets such as the Green Deal.

5. Cut 'greeen tape'

Reduce complexity in the existing low-carbon policy landscape, including immediate action on the Carbon Reduction Commitment, and take a more strategic approach when developing future policies.

6. Reflect the value of all sectors in the economy

Develop a long-term strategy for energy-intensive industries, including the further rollout of realistic sector-specific decarbonisation roadmaps, which will enable them to fulfill their role in the low-carbon transition.

7. Build up the UK's strengths

Play a more proactive role in aligning policy and investment with existing UK strengths, and promoting these abroad.

8. Capture greater value from green investments

Identify opportunities to develop domestic capabilities through targeted interventions and longer-term technology road-mapping.

9. Facilitate the flow of finance

Give the Green Investment Bank the power to raise funds from the capital markets as soon as is fiscally possible, while ensuring that priority projects are also eligible for direct government intervention in the short-term.

10. Develop our 'intellectual infrastructure'

Continue to support the UK's strong innovation ecosysem, and address strategic skills shortages.

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