CBI: Danny Alexander challenged on CBI infrastructure comments
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Danny Alexander challenged on CBI infrastructure comments

Chief treasury secretary tells BBC show he ‘totally agrees’ with John Cridland remarks

John Cridland on Sunday Politics

Danny Alexander, the chief treasury secretary, was this week challenged on television over remarks made by the CBI director-general, John Cridland, questioning the government’s progress on infrastructure.

On the BBC show Sunday Politics, presenter Andrew Neil pointed out to Mr Alexander that Mr Cridland had last month urged swifter delivery of key projects.

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“Business is looking for action and hasn’t seen it yet. We are critical of the execution and delivery. The pace needs to pick up,” the CBI chief said in words displayed next to Mr Alexander on screen.

The treasury chief secretary said he “totally agrees” with the CBI’s stance – and pointed out that Mr Cridland had been invited to the government’s infrastructure committee, where the CBI chief had been able to “explain his perspective”.

* Clip available until 12pm on Sunday, November 4

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