CBI: CBI comments on retirement age ruling in Seldon case
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CBI comments on retirement age ruling in Seldon case

The CBI responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Seldon case on justifying a workplace retirement age.

Neil Carberry, CBI Director for Employment & Skills policy, said:

“This ruling confirms that, at least in principle, companies are able to set their own retirement age. However, this does nothing to fill the vacuum left by the Government’s scrapping of the Default Retirement Age.

“If employers want to set a retirement age that is suitable for their workforce, and know for sure whether it is legitimate, they will still have to go through a costly and lengthy legal process.

“The Government cannot continue to pass the buck. Employers need to know how to handle the sensitive issue of retirement, with adequate protection to discuss plans with their staff, and better guidance on when a retirement age is justifiable.”

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