CBI: CBI comments on UK border issues at Heathrow
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CBI comments on UK border issues at Heathrow

The CBI commented on recent pressure on the UK border at Heathrow.

Neil Carberry, CBI Director of Employment & Skills policy, said:

“The delays that air passengers have been facing at the Heathrow border are simply not acceptable. In the last few weeks we have seen ever-longer queues at border control for all types of passport-holders, including UK nationals.

“Not only do these queues project the wrong image about the UK being open to business and visitors alike, they risk undermining our reputation as a global trading hub. Of course our border security must be the number one priority, but this should not be incompatible with ensuring a good passenger experience.

“It’s vital that UK Border Agency sorts this out – and not just for the Olympics. It must make better use of its technology, plan more effectively for peaks and troughs in demand, and manage queues in a more selective and effective way.

“Heathrow is the first impression that millions of business people and tourists have of the UK. An efficient Heathrow is essential to the UK’s reputation as an attractive place to do business.”

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