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CBI responds to Work Programme data

An apprentice potter at Dudson in StokeAn apprentice potter at Dudson in Stoke

The CBI responded to the publication of the first Work Programme performance data.

Katja Hall, CBI Chief Policy Director, said:

“We should remember that today’s statistics show performance for the first year of a scheme where the greatest gains will come over the long-term. In challenging economic circumstances the Work Programme has already helped to turn around the lives of thousands of people and is delivering the taxpayer value for money.

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“This is an important programme which requires more to be done. While providers have the greatest responsibility for performance, government departments, local authorities, further education colleges and businesses must work together if the programme is to fulfil its potential. In the summer, the CBI set out its view of what changes could be made to support this in our report, Work in Progress.

“We also need to encourage more businesses to sign up to the scheme. There is an important task to be done in raising awareness of the support available.”

Case study examples of how the Work Programme has helped jobseekers to find work can be found on the CBI website.

Read a copy of the CBI’s Work in Progress report on the Work Programme here.

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