CBI: CBI President calls on G8 to prioritise trade and move forward the international taxation debate
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CBI President calls on G8 to prioritise trade and move forward the international taxation debate

Sir Roger Carr has encouraged the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to prioritise international trade and move forward the debate about international taxation at the G8 in order to promote growth and jobs in the global economy.

Sir Roger Carr, CBI President, said:

“I am greatly encouraged that my fellow Presidents from the other G8 countries have come to London today to meet Prime Minister David Cameron. This demonstrates the commitment of business to get the international economy moving and to address concerns about international tax rules and transparency where they are legitimate.                             

“Since the crisis in 2008 it has become increasingly obvious that government and business need to act together internationally to tackle the economic issues of the day.  The Prime Minister is to be commended on his leadership of the G8 and for focusing on trade, tax and transparency.”

On trade, he said:

“As shown by David Cameron’s visit to the White House, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a huge opportunity for the British and international economy.  The CBI shares the Government’s level of ambition for eliminating tariff barriers, promoting transatlantic investment and, most importantly, removing regulatory barriers which can often be the grit in the system.”

On tax, he said:

“The CBI is encouraging British business to tell its tax story to shareholders and stakeholders. British-based businesses pay a quarter of all taxes paid in Britain. The CBI supports in principle a global register of beneficial ownership to assist tax transparency. In bringing tax rules up-to-date with the modern economy the Government is right to promote international agreement through the OECD. As I have said, if you want a different outcome the rules must be rewritten to achieve the change that is required.”

The CBI recently published a statement of tax principles in which it recommends all companies should follow in conducting their tax affairs.

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