CBI: CBI comments ahead of European Council meeting
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CBI comments ahead of European Council meeting

The CBI commented ahead of a meeting of the European Council in Brussels, where an agreement on energy targets for 2030 is expected, alongside discussions on the European economy, and other geopolitical issues.

Katja Hall, CBI Deputy Director-General, said:

“As European leaders meet in Brussels, there will be some major economic and geopolitical issues on the agenda. It is vital that they make bold decisions on the future of the EU’s energy package for 2030 to give business the clarity it needs to make long-term investment decisions.

“A single binding target of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, with member states reaching this in the most appropriate way to suit their national circumstances, would be the best outcome. This should pave the way for comprehensive, long-lasting reform of the EU’s Emissions Trading System.

“Competitiveness must also be at the heart of discussions, with greater support for energy-intensive industries ensuring that they can play their part in the transition to a low-carbon future.

“Demonstrating that Europe’s climate ambitions can go hand-in-hand with competition will be crucial as we head into next year’s negotiations in Paris.”

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