CBI: Public sector strike 'disappointing', says CBI
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Public sector strike 'disappointing', says CBI

Unison vote rejects improved government offer - but less than a quarter of workforce balloted back November 30 action

Public sector strike

Thursday, November 4, 2011

A planned strike this month by public sector workers has come under fire from the CBI - after less than a quarter of balloted workers supported action.

Press release: CBI comments on planned Unison strike

The strike is set to go ahead on November 30, after today's Unison vote, which followed yesterday's improved offer on pensions from the government.

Of the 1.1 million union members balloted, 315,611 - or 29 per cent - cast their vote, with the 245,358 - 22 per cent - backing action.   

Neil Carberry, the CBI director for employment, said: "For all of Unison's rhetoric about this being the biggest ballot in their history, less than a third of their members bothered to vote.

"It is disappointing that the public and businesses are now faced with the unnecessary disruption of a strike which is going ahead when just 22% of the balloted workforce supported it."

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