7 February 2017

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CBI appoints new Vice Chair in Northern Ireland

CBI Northern Ireland delighted to appoint new Vice Chair, Trevor Lockhart.

CBI appoints new Vice Chair in Northern Ireland

The CBI is pleased to announce that Trevor Lockhart, Group Chief Executive of Fane Valley Co-operative will become the CBI’s new Vice Chair in Northern Ireland during 2017 and will go on to become CBI Chair during 2018 and 2019. 

Trevor is currently serving a second term on the CBI Northern Ireland Council after a recent break, and will go on to succeed David Gavaghan as CBI Chair in January 2018. He will serve as CBI Vice Chair during 2017 and 2020. He brings to the position an in-depth understanding of both manufacturing and the agri-food industry in Northern Ireland and further afield.

Trevor is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast where he was awarded an Honours Degree in Agriculture. He began his working life with Masstock International in Atlanta, USA accumulating important global experience before he returned home to Northern Ireland  to work with the Ulster Farmers’ Union. Trevor joined Fane Valley Co-operative Society in 2004 and was promoted to Group Chief Executive of Fane Valley in 2007. Fane Valley has business operations in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England and Belgium.

On his new appointment Trevor Lockhart said:

“It is a great honour for me to be appointed as the CBI’s Vice Chair for 2017. The CBI’s current work programme is focused on a number of areas that are of great interest to me and the wider business community.  For example, there is a great opportunity to be involved in the shaping of a local industrial strategy which is aimed at driving up regional external sales and scaling up small and medium sized businesses. The CBI’s work on the development of local infrastructure, education and skills as well as raising local productivity and innovation levels is crucially important if we are to create the conditions for real economic growth.”

David Gavaghan, CBI’s Northern Ireland Chairman, said:

“I am truly delighted to be working with Trevor in the year ahead. His record of success in the Northern Ireland business community is outstanding and I know that he brings to the CBI a true understanding of all the opportunities and challenges that the business community face. He will be a true asset to the CBI’s leadership in the years ahead”.

Speaking about the appointment Angela McGowan, Regional Director of the CBI said:

“Trevor’s recent appointment as vice chair of CBI Northern Ireland will be a great   benefit to the organisation.  His business acumen, his knowledge of manufacturing, agriculture and exporting will help the CBI to navigate our dramatically changing economic environment in the year ahead.  As the UK embarks on developing a new relationship with the EU Trevor’s experience will be ideal for leading the CBI in this new post-EU Referendum era and providing an expert voice to policy-makers on issues such as local production, workforce skills, innovation and sales”.

Further information

To contact Trevor Lockhart, please email iain.hoy@cbi.org.uk or call 028 9010 1100, or to contact David Gavaghan, please email Angela.McGowan@cbi.org.uk or call 028 9010 1100

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