27 May 2015

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CBI Northern Ireland Policy Roundup - May 2015

The latest policy developments in corporation tax, electricity market reforms, election outcome and procurement...

CBI Northern Ireland Policy Roundup - May 2015

We briefed ETI Committee on maximising impact of lower Corporation tax

CBI representatives appeared in front of the Assembly’s Enterprise, Trade and Investment Committee in early May to give evidence into their inquiry on how we maximise the impact of a reduction in Corporation tax. The importance of aligning our education/training system with the needs of the economy and investment in infrastructure were highlighted – read CBI submission 

Energy – Electricity Market Reforms in UK will impact on NI in 2017

As part of the UK’s Electricity Market Reforms we recently inputted into a DETI discussion paper focusing on the proposed implementation of a Contracts for Difference model which would impact on supporting renewables development locally. With the end of the Renewables Obligation, and therefore guaranteed subsidies, there is a need to make sure the new model is implemented at least cost – but still enables the renewables sector to be competitive. You can read our submission to the DETI discussion paper here

Election outcome - Putting our Best Foot Forward

All new and re-elected Northern Ireland MPs received a personal letter from the Director together with a copy of CBI’s publication Best Foot Forward – recommendations for the Governments first 100 days in office. A number of MPs have asked to meet with us over the coming weeks. We also have a meeting with the Secretary of State in early June to discuss business priorities. 

Progress on the procurement pipeline – after significant and ongoing lobbying, the Department of Finance has recently published a new procurement guidance note mandating departmental permanent secretaries to update Northern Ireland’s procurement pipeline. This was an important ask in our infrastructure report of 2013. Policy contact: david.fry@cbi.org.uk