10 September 2014



CBI responds to announcement of new Commission

The CBI responded to the announcement of the new European Commission senior posts.

CBI responds to announcement of new Commission

Katja Hall, CBI Deputy Director-General:

“Business is looking for Lord Hill to use his key role at Europe’s top table to push for reforms that will create jobs and growth across the continent. This major appointment along with the make-up of the full Commission has laid strong foundations for ambitious reform in Europe.

“At the top of the new Commission’s in-tray should be completing the Single Market, getting an EU-US trade deal over the line and pulling back where the EU does not add value.

“Lord Hill must see through the important steps already taken to secure Europe’s financial stability and seize the opportunity to keep Europe’s financial markets open, competitive and able to deliver the finance businesses need to grow. This will allow the UK financial services industry, so central to our economic success, to deliver for the whole of Europe.

“Now Lord Hill must work hard to cement alliances in Europe, making the UK’s case in Brussels while also selling the benefits of the EU in the UK.”