12 July 2017

  |  CBI Press Team

Press release

CBI Scotland response to rise in employment

CBI Scotland Director, Hugh Aitken has responded to the latest ONS labour market statistics for Scotland. 

CBI Scotland response to rise in employment

The latest ONS labour market statistics for Scotland, March to May 2017, showed a rise in employment of 25,000 and a fall in unemployment of 19,000.

Hugh Aitken CBE, CBI Scotland Director, said:

“Today’s labour market statistics reveal a welcome rise in the number of people in work in Scotland. Looking back over the past year, the accommodation and food services, transport and storage and construction sectors have been key drivers of job creation.

“It is increasingly important that Scottish businesses have access to the skills and labour they need to compete and grow. However, despite record unemployment, we know that businesses are still struggling to fill high-skilled roles.

“In the short-term, we’d like to see the Scottish Government offer greater clarity over how the new Flexible Workforce Development Fund aspect of the Apprenticeship Levy will work. That will give business greater ability to plan ahead.

“Long-term, we need to focus on improving educational attainment and driving innovation in the workplace to improve productivity, which is the only sustainable route to rising wages and better living standards.”