5 February 2016

  |  CBI Updates Team


Leadership needed on energy policy

In an open letter to the government, Carolyn Fairbairn and business leaders have called for clear leadership in energy policy.

The letter, signed by energy users, investors and suppliers, stressed how a stable energy policy will support investment in a low carbon, secure and affordable energy supply.

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The UK has led the way on climate policy, through the Climate Change Act 2008 and diplomatic leadership to secure a global climate deal in Paris at the end of last year. However, the CBI is concerned that this rhetoric and global leadership is not being matched by a clear strategy at home to meet our own ambition. The letter call for “a clear long-term framework” that will drive the development and funding of new generation capacity and technologies.

Following the publication of the letter in The Times, Carolyn met energy secretary Amber Rudd MP. They discussed the importance of a long-term policy framework for energy and climate change, both for energy users and investors. Carolyn also emphasised the need to engage business and stakeholders in the process so they can have clarity on how and when decisions are being made and greater confidence about the government’s strategy.

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